My name is Samuel,I am 20 years old. I study information engineering at UKDW in 2007. I have learned so many language programs,like C++,VB(Visual Basic),PHP,Java,Delphi,and now I want to learn all about FoxPro. Besides it, I like using various platforms, like Linux : Slax,Ubuntu, Vyata,Fedora,OpenSuSE. My experience is full of Ubuntu platform. Sometimes, I feel better and very help fulled by Ubuntu, because I can install Slax by using Ubuntu. Windows is for the old ancient, I use it to do my college tasks. Just it for Windows !!

Kubuntu is what I talk about to you.So is ubuntu also, but the desktop environtment using KDE (K Destop Environtment). KDE 4.1 is so powerfull KDE version which I use. In the future days, I will build a desktop computer with 4 operating systems (platforms).Slax, Vyata,Fedora,OpenSuSE are used with VM Ware, I don’t want to format and install to my hardisk (only 40 GBs).

This is my picture :

I worked as freelanche at Gurat Ungu Event Organizer.


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