Fixing Laptop Keyboard

When I typed in my notebook, I was so confused because typed characters don’t show. Those characters are B,H,U,I,7,8,F9, and, F10, it forces me using virtual keyboard for typing them. This gives me troublesome for making blog, searching program, etc. Some articles in internet recommends some solutions, from cleaning notebook, unload keyboard and cleaning it, until replacing keyboard.

I try to push top of keyboard, and suddenly letter “B” appears. When I release my pressure, that character doesn’t show up. I  press more, and more but only same thing happens. This is how simple the solution is.

At last, I succeed repairing my notebook by tilting it to the front. Now, I know this problem is caused by the pressure of my hand when I set up for typing. My hand is making big pressure in keyboard and it loosens keyboard laptop.


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