Hibernating in Windows 7

Few days ago, after copying file to my friend flash drive, my computer got virus attack. This virus is infected EXE file, EXE file can’t run and asks for replacing. My installed antivirus doesn’t disinfect infected files, but remove all. For best solution I uninstalled and I install Microsoft Security Essential, because it can disinfect them. The virus name is Madang.A, in Javanese language madang means “eat”, perhaps it refers to the virus behavior which can consume the EXE file and make it infected. The disinfection takes long time, so then I reinstall my Windows 7.

After I re-install my laptop, I want to hibernate my computer. It surprised me that there is no hibernate option in Start menu. At last I found the article about how to activate hibernate in Windows 7.

Run Command Prompt as Administrator and type powercfg -h now, and now hibernate is activated.

How do we deactivate hibernate? Just type powercfg -h off.



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