Recovering from dengue fever

On Sunday 24rd June 2012 I was treated at RS Bethesda Yogyakarta for healing of dengue fever. I lived there 6 days, from Sunday to Friday 29th June 2012. I drink many medicines, I eat rice porridge, I get infusion too #I hate this part. My body is so hot, but I feel so cold and using blanket. Perhaps, I am very tired, so I got this disease.

I am working at 2 places, first in campus unit (PUSPELKOM / Pusat Pelayanan Komputer UKDW) as technician and Phoenix Game Center as operator. After changing shift, I usually do exercises, like push up, and sit up. On that Friday night, I am tired and I will do exercise in the next morning.

In the next morning, I wake up and doing exercise, there is no something bad happen. When I did my shift 2, I got my joints painful. I don’t know what’s wrong with my body. At 10 o’clock pm I go home, go to sleep without taking a bath, and tooth brushing.

In the next morning, on sunday I go to my uncle’s house. He recommends me to check up at the hospital. Other family member accompanies me to the hospital. After the medical examination, it’s known I get dengue fever. I am suprised, because I had got this illness when I was eight, and I got this fever again.

Finally, I am revocering now, thank you for family, paramedic and everyone who come to look in, and praying for my health. With intensive care from doctor, and nurse now I am healthy.


3 thoughts on “Recovering from dengue fever

  1. It’s good you can share your experience. Your flow of writing is clear, readers can follow your story. In terms of grammar, it’s better if you use appropriate grammar, e.g if you describe past events, you use past tense. For present events you have used appropriate grammar. Good job!

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