My new internet operator “3”

I had bought a new modem with new operator for my internet connection about 4 months ago exactly in February. I choose three “3” to replace smart cdma because it’s faster, up to 3.6 MBps. My new modem is T-Mobile UMG 1831 with internet speed up to 21MBps, it is very different from smart C700 with only 21 KBps. There is term and aplication which I don’t know so I get loss of my money (100.000) only in one night.

My first internet provider :


My new modem:
“3” says there is an automatic recharging after the exhausted quota. I just order new quota and the period limit of the first quota reaches at midnight, my new quota is end. I don’t understand why this happens. After asking questions to “3” center I know that we must stop the first quota to start the new quota or else it will stop immediately.

This list is regarding internet quota in “3”:
By adding “MAU” word so your internet quota will recharge,like MAU 5GB.This word is used to recharge your internet period, but if your internet period doesn’t exceed quota deathline just write “FREE 5GB”.

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