Workshop LINUX at OKA 2009

OKA (Orientasi Kehidupan Akademika) Academic orientation in Duta Wacana Christian University which hold 18 August until 21 August 2009 will introduce freshmen to know about university.Today 20 August 2009 Duta Wacana Net Club. One of the college student organization hold linux workshop at D 3.1 room. Actually, it should begin at 01.30 pm, but it starts at 02.00 o’clock. We want to inspire 2009 freshmen, especially information engineering and information system.

Arya Anggara as Net Club Chairman opens the workshop with introduction to the organization. He tells about : vice chairman (Economic 2007), Secretary (Prasetyo Frans ), Treasurer (Danny ). This organization is non-IT, everyone can join.

Mr Willy Sudiarto Rahardjo is a lecturer who gives the seminar. He tries to make all 2009 students to know and learn linux. Slack ware is linux distribution which is used. He shows cube effect like this:


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