Pancasila or five principles is a way of live over Indonesia citizen, this must be obeyed and everyone do that. Indonesians select the best options in economic, technology,electrical etc by those five principles.
Nowadays, high – development of Information Technology gives the bad effect to Pancasila, such as : hacking, cardering, and so on. We should optimize technology to help one each other. For example, a program which detect cyber crime, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).
Someone tries to get high-root access from his computer to the another one. He / she use vulnerability of SQL script in URL. That is hacking. Besides it, there are duplication of hardisk resource, and spreading out the content of that hardisk like we want. If we want to ashame someone else, we can know someone’s secret. Hacking tricks are ubiquitous, we can find out them in internet. Hacking is a bad thing and irresponsibility behavior,so that it should not be done and distributed. Hacking is happened because Pancasila implementation is still meaningless.
All of us know the fifth principle in Pancasila (Five Principles) is “Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia”. If we like so,we can not implement that principle.
The best way to solve this, is creating a remover software. This one can delete all hacking codes and all about hacking. It can disappear the hacking mindset from the internet. People’s habbit is not finding out hacking source of internet anymore. Besides it, people can do legal limit. For user and spreader of hacking source are given legal sanction. There may be no more hackers, because the strong law.
Open source operating system is the next solution,like linux. At this time, the world is controlled by payment software. There will be capitalism and monopoly economic. Someone must pay high price to get the software . At last software creator will use the money for himself. Nowadays, all of the free and open source software are known as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
We shouldn’t worry about capitalism and monopoly if we use open source operating system. Just download the source code and then we can use the software, or buy bootable cd from magazine. Great expectation from this operating system is better and better, because now this one is still unstable. For the example, we have to add repository to read rmvb format.
Cardering is a cybercrime by duplicating credit card. It is very risky for someone and even a company in financial. Cardering is stealing money. The anticipation is watching out credit card password in internet and strengthening legal.
From the description above we can see also that the law has a quite important role in maintaining the relationship between the development of information technology with the Pancasila


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