Can we bypass authentication by using URL?

The website programming language is used to create well structured homepage. There are many kinds of them, like HTML, CSS, and PHP. Server is used as database system, its storing username and password after user inputs them in the log in page. Usually, we find this in the mailing list forum and e-mail web site, like Yahoo Messenger, KMail, Google Mail, etc. If username and password are valid then accessing that website is granted.
URL Hacking is implemented by using one of the popular tricks, which is SQL Hacking. For the example, we can inject with

Explanation of that script:
-sec=news -> try to enter “news” page.
-&id=1 -> authentication with username “1”. It means the authentication is “valid and verified”.

Updating is not a monthly activity in Indonesia. Programmer does not fix the security hole of his website, even there is not updating management in one year. Vulnerabilities of previous database system are known by every netizens (people over the world in internet).
SQL Injection becomes very popular since Dani Firmansyah or Xnuxer hacks the website of KPU (Indonesia Election Commission) in first quartile of 2004. He is verified as web administrator without detected by firewall, using less any hacking tools, and no scanning any opened ports. It’s surprising! The website is taking cost Rp 152 billion in developing and layered security.
SQL Injection allow us entering protected system as anyone by knowing username and password, even we don’t need to know the username and password in a few vulnerably system.

If you want to know more just download full e-book at here. This can be used as your reference book, it contains only for educational purpose.

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