First Linux User On 2007 Informatic Engineering

Perhaps it was to late,to post this. I remember about one word, “There is no word to be late”. I will explain about my self and my friends in Linux OS. I study the theory of Linux deliberately from Windows. I just want to know about DOS(Disk Operatinfg System) text command, but when I went to my friend’s house I got a book of manual Operating System. It’s happening when I was Senior High Scool Student in Padmawijaya Senior High School or SMA Padmawijaya in Klaten.

Yongki,my friend said that book from his father. His father does not say whose the book is it. I just got the uncleared signature. I just learnt about text command in Windows not terminal Linux yet. My computer got so many viruses and I want to anticipate it by using text command. It will save anything, I said surely.

Day to day are gone, I have got bad memories in Computer , because my new computer has broken. I do not really know why command text does not save my computer. Now I know that’s DOS is windows base. It will give bad result if the flash disk is having many worms, and viruses. They are able to spread out and infecting the Windows system.

Now I am a college student in Duta Wacana Chrisitan University or UKDW (Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana). My friend, Lucky Giovanni invites me to join in a Linux Workshop at September. I just follow it,because it taking cost only Rp 5.000. Me, Lucky, Rendy, Andrew, and Patrick attend that event at Saturday morning. It ‘s start at 9.00 o’clock and finish at 14.00.

I got one Ubuntu 7.04 CD, I learned carefully to know about the speaker says. My knowledge in Linux so few, I am still a newbie. When I was first study in Linux at Senior High School Student, I looked Yongki’s book, and I just skimming it, looking up the Tux and that’s it.

Dragon Player, MPlayer,Amarok, JuK are common for me because I am not a newbie anymore but an excellent user. I use Ubuntu and its derivative like Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Studio and XUbuntu. Besides it, Vyata, Fedora, Open SuSE, and last Slax.

Thanks to Yongki, Lucky, Information System Program at UKDW and many others. Welldone, I hope Ubuntu 9.04 CD arrive at 14th May 2009 arrive. It cost only Rp 5.000 after ordering it from shipit.


This is the picture of that book:

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